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Get it right, Get it tight (Pt 1): Form your body!

Who knew that Bubba Sparxxx and the Ying-Yang Twins would speak such noble words. Turns out, that advice could not be more true. You must get it (your form) right, to get it (your body) tight…and then yes, you can be that Ms. (or Mr.) New Booty.

Let me paint the picture for you. You are pushing through that HIIT class. You can barely breathe. You’re working as hard as you can until the timer is up. You’re performing squat after squat with hopes of building a booty as round as that peach emoji. Doing the movement means it will happen, right? Wrong. For example, perform a squat with a simple weight shift towards your toes, say ADIOS to those glutes and HOLA to your quadriceps.

One of the biggest things I see when going to these classes are that people are doing whatever they can to get through that exercise and throwing form out the window. This drives me absolutely nuts. We only work the desired muscles by focusing on that specific muscle activation through conscious effort and form. And when we don’t, we risk serious injury, and that dream derrière will really be "Just a Dream" (cue Nelly).

Often, we let that competitive side take over. It’s easy when trainers are there motivating us with phrases like “Don’t give up!”, “Keep going!” or “Get to that finish line!”. You also should remember though, that most trainers will also tell you, “Listen to your body” or “Watch your form.” If you have never heard statements such as the latter, then I am telling you now…To get it tight, you MUST get it right.

In Chicago, we are very lucky to have so many wonderful workout studios offering the newest and coolest workout trends (Just a few of my favorites: Studio Three, Sweat, & CHI50). We have a multitude of talented trainers that I swear have an invisible energizer battery pack on their backs at all times. Although they give off that super hero aura, no one has the super power to watch every single client at every second of these classes to ensure proper form.

Here is where I say to you, it is time to educate yourself. Knowledge is power. You are ultimately responsible for yourself. Trainers are there to guide you, but you must take some responsibility in your workouts. Our bodies are the most important thing we have, so take care of it...and get the body you better believe you deserve!

Stay tuned for "Get it right, Get it tight, Part 2" to learn how to workout smarter, not harder.

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