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It starts with a simple, extensive intake. Identifying markers for improvement, developing a direct but flexible course of action, and integrating with other areas in your life such as nutrition, sleep, and stress to ensure that your exercise is absolutely contributing to Your Health's bottom line. 




There are many TOOLs out there in the fitness space, but there is still ASSEMBLY required. To achieve your best results, fastest way to goals, best value for your time and money spent on your health, you need something specifically for you. 

Working with Tim allows you to understand the benefits to your lifestyle decisions.  ​

Injuries? No problem. Chronic disease? Been there. Diabetes? Done that. 

My training, education and clinical experiences are built around solving complex sets of health-related challenges to help a Person use healthy lifestyle choices as his/her best forms of therapy. I believe my role is one of the most challenging, and also most rewarding, in the entire healthcare- and fitness sectors.

People often seek the help of a trainer when they need help in getting to their goals, and they're unsure what it is they are missing, why they can't seem to reach their goals with all of the effort they put in. I believe that, with patience, persistence, and attention to detail, you can achieve anything. That was my motto when I started working out over 20 years ago, at the age of 13, and it still holds true. Let me guide you towards the version of yourself that you want and know you can be. That's my passion - customizing you!

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