​We believe in a spectrum where Sickness is on one end, Health is in the middle, and Performance is on the other end. Performance is where we want to be, across all ages. It may look and feel differently to each of us, but that is where we at CADO bring our greatest value. Identifying markers for improvement, developing a direct but flexible course of action, and integrating with other health professionals in your life such as your orthopedist, physical therapist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, internist and primary care physician to ensure that exercise is absolutely contributing to Your Health's bottom line. 

People often seek the help of a trainer when they need help in getting to their goals, and they're unsure what it is they are missing, why they can't seem to reach their goals with all of the effort they put in. We believe that, when you are mentally ahead, you don't have to be ahead physically. In other words, most of the success you see people have in their fitness goes on behind the scenes, in what they do when no one is watching. In their preparation and planning. In their meals. In what they abstain from, and the times at which they indulge. But your body doesn't like sudden overhauls. Let us guide you subtly towards that version of yourself you want and know you can be. That's our passion. Customizing you!

Best results. Fastest time to goals. Best value for your time and money spent on your health. Today, everyone wants things better, faster, cheaper. Why should excellent quality of living be any different?

The talent and knowledge gap between university researchers in the applied sciences and what is available in commercial fitness is a canyon, to say the least. We are here to bridge that gap between research, medicine and commercial fitness.

Working with an Exercise Physiologist allows you to understand the benefits to your lifestyle decisions.  ​

Injuries? No problem. Chronic disease? Been there. Diabetes? Done that. 

Our training, education and clinical experiences are built around solving complex sets of health-related challenges to help a Person use healthy lifestyle choices as his/her best forms of therapy. We actually believe our role is one of the most challenging, and also most rewarding, in the entire healthcare and fitness sectors.


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