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Excellent Quality of Life is our #1 priority. 
The Health and Wellness industry is flooded with pretenders. Would you prefer riding trends, or being ahead of them?

About Tim Coyle:

4 years of Precision Medicine experience as an Exercise Physiologist

7 years of Concierge Medicine / Functional Medicine experience as an Exercise Physiologist

11 years of personal training experience

Masters' Degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Miami

Provides long-term results that are backed by science

5 years of Graduate-level Exercise Science teaching experience

Tim Coyle

Assistant Professor, Exercise Science, Long Island University-Brooklyn

M.S.Ed. Kinesiology - University of Miami

Seven years of clinical and operations experience

Eleven years of experience in the fitness industry

Tim keeps 
himself in peak physical shape for his lifelong passion, surfing.

Our next teammate could be you!

We are looking for the best of the best candidates to turn the field of exercise physiology into the great driver of health we know it can be. We are seeking highly qualified and educated professionals to help us grow our reach while we help them develop professionally. Masters degree in Exercise Science preferred, minimum bachelors degree in Exercise Science with certification.

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